A Pitty Party

Some people think they deserve a pitty party all the time. It gets very aggravating and makes you not want to be around that person. Do you feel sorry for that person? Maybe, with particular situations yes but at the same time if it is a situation they put themselves into no. It is sometimes hard to judge what you should really do but it is best sometimes to walk away from the situation so you do not explode; so to say.

I have a best friend who I love. We have been friends over 20 years and we are always there for each other but she got herself in a position that is no bodies fault but hers. Her mother and I helped her out of situations over and over to the point she would just use us whenever she was mad at her boyfriend. She continued to go back to him over and over; honestly I do not have time for all of that. I have been out of high school for years now and I have plenty of other prioritizes in my life to deal with. We both agreed that if she wants to continue on that same path then why do we continue to pitty her and give her sympathy.

She is a person who thrives off of it and it seems to be like a record on repeat. We can tell her “Everything is ok. Just stay positive.” over and over along with other encouraging statements. You can only talk until you are blue in the face. I will always be there for her but why do people seem to think that the world should revolve around them? Why do they think they have get attention by people feeling sorry for them? It is really hard to want to be around them, unless maybe it is just me being selfish. I have no clue why sometimes it makes me mad when she continues to do this.

Sometimes it is best to try to turn the conversation around to something totally different that way you stay calm along with the other person. I have been doing that lately and it seems to help me calm down and not get angry with the situation.


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