A New Beginning

A child is a blessing from God that should be loved and protected. Some people are unable to be blessed with having a child and others continue to have them even if they do not want them. Thankfully many people adopt or foster them to give them a loving home and family they deserve. No one should ever take being able to have a child for granted.

My boyfriend and I are one of the only ones of our friends who do not have children. Right now it is not in the cards for us due to health reasons and we have other goals to accomplish before we bring another human being into the world. We believe in planning and trying to make sure we are able to care for this child and give him/her everything they need. It hurts us sometimes when we see others enjoying their children and having someone call you mom and dad. We know one day we will be blessed even if we can not physically have one of our own we have decided we will adopt. There are always children who need a home.

However, on the other hand we also see people every day who continue to have children and never take care of them, pawn them off on family and friends, or give them up for adoption because they want to have their freedom. Really? You should think about all of that before you have children. Yes they change your life but that does not mean your life has to end. To me if upsets me when I see people who have them just to have them but never spend time with their children.

I have a friend who is having a children with a younger guy and she believed if she had a child with him that he would stay forever; well he did not do that. She hasn’t even had the baby yet but through the whole relationship they were on and off; she would leave or he would kick her out. Not a stable home at all for a child. She did not plan for this baby, has nothing for her not even a pack of diapers and is only two weeks away from being due. She can not even take care of herself let alone a baby; guys and her body are more important then making sure she takes care of this baby. Why? How can people honestly think it is ok to be like this?

Remember just because you have a child with someone does not mean they will stay with you. Also do not have children if you do not want them or are willing to put them before anything and anyone in your life. I can honestly say my boyfriend is very understanding and supportive when it comes to our views on having a family. One day God will bless us with the best gift of all.

P.S. For now my boyfriend agreed to get me a fur baby!!! Can’t wait to show everyone.


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