You are beautiful.


Most women believe they are not beautiful but you are. For the past six years I have be insecure and hated my body. I wore baggy clothes, didn’t do my hair and makeup all the time, and hated to be around people. Everyone who past me would stare or make faces and I was sick of being asked on a daily basis if I was pregnant. No one knows what battles you face and no one has ever walked a mile in my shoes. I was diagnosed with health issues but I didn’t post them all over social media or tell everyone I knew because if I couldn’t handle my emotions I did not want to feel worse about them. Even after all this time I still sit back and wonder why this all happen. The feelings that hurt deep down because no one understands or believes your pain. A health issue, heartbreak, lose of someone, there are many things in life that affect us all differently. And in the end we all feel alone like no one cares or no one will listen. I am not the kind of person who enjoys speaking to a therapist, first off they are paid to listen and say their opinion but have they ever went through the things you have? When I began to blog and express my emotions even through quotes on facebook, when people became to like and comment I realized I am not alone. There are others who feel the same way I do. There are others who feel alone. But now, you are not.


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